Saturday, 18 January 2014

My First Step towards Thousand Mile's of Journey for Mozilla

          Yes, you heard it right!!  I am Irfana Tabassum from Warangal. I'm a newbie in Mozilla and heading towards contributing to Web Maker Project. I am really lucky to get in touch with Meraj who helped in getting started with Web Maker Project by introducing COMPED program initiated by Gautham Raj!!
           I've created an event at my home recently by reading Gautham's blog with my neighbors to make them Web Literate.This is an initiative where I wish to see all my surroundings to make them a Web Literate. On this event, I had 10 students. I taught them  about the basics of computer and web. 
First before starting the event, I jotted down the answers from them on a board by asking questions like what do you know about computer, where it is being used in today's world? I got amazing answers like Schools, Digi Labs ( a 3 year old kid answered), Hospitals, Police Stations, Home's, Airport's, Parking Check Post's and lot more. Then I made them realize that all the above applications can also be used on Web through a Software called Browser and introduced Mozilla Firefox!!

They were more fasinated to participate in this event and get involved in the activites!! I  am very happy to see the enthusiasm and it cherished me!!  The activities were Introducing to Firefox Browser, how to create email id's and sign in, read and send emails on gmail, how to change the themes, and how to upload profile pic. 

Among those 10 kids, I had a small kid Syed Waheeduddin who is physically challenged boy (deaf and dumb) who has participated in this event and showed a good progress in a very  short time. He grasped the whole  topics which I taught him and started explaining me with the expression on his face and hand movements. Tears came in to my eyes and felt so satisfied to see the smile and happiness on his face.


Thank You

Meraj, Gautham Raj

Thank you Mozilla!!

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